Absolutely an incredible agent.

"Sharon Liu is absolutely an incredible agent. I have owned my Arcadia house for almost 20 years and had tried to sell it a few years ago, but the agent had failed to represent my home in the way that I wanted. Sharon, however, had surpassed my expectations and sold my home in such a short amount of time that I was honestly in disbelief. From our first meeting to our last, she had demonstrated absolute knowledge of real estate in general as well as the current market. This property was my pride and joy, so I really needed someone who was honest and thoroughly understood the industry. Being a first-time seller who did not know much about the current market, I was nervous about selling my home, but Sharon's expertise and track record reassured me that I was truly in excellent hands. She had explained everything to me clearly so I could understand how the process works from start to finish. She worked quickly and swiftly, from creating beautifully designed flyers to placing my house on the market. She also recommended staging, designed by Michelle, that really brought my house to life and made it feel like a welcoming home. The next thing I knew, my house was in escrow with an outstanding offer. Although I was sad to let go of my home, I am more than satisfied with the offer that I have accepted and the representation that I received. With her expertise, track record, knowledge, and honesty, I highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking to sell their home or even buy a home."

- Cynthia H.

Hard work and dedication

"I would definitely, highly recommend Sharon Liu! Sharon did amazing job. She gave me excellent advice, was always available to answer my questions and concerns, and responded so quickly to my email, text, and phone call. For each offer, she checked detail and analyze it for both advantage and dis advantage with me. Before signed any documents, she was so patients to explain clearly to make sure I understood it. She had a wealth of knowledge for the business, truly enjoyed her job, and worked extremely hard to get it done in the best way. In a week, she got a lot offers and almost all were higher than the asking price. She kept me very well informed throughout the whole selling process. Thank Sharon for her hard work and dedication, I truly appreciate it."

- R. Xiong

Very knowledgeable

"Sharon is very knowledgeable about the real estate market. She helped my husband and I sell and buy a home. Although this is quite stressful for most people, Sharon made it a pleasant experience. I don't believe that I would have gotten an offer well over asking had it not been for her years of experience. I recommended Sharon to my brother when he was trying to sell his house. He, too, enjoyed his time with her."

- Satisfied Client

Great job

"Sharon did a great job help me sold my PUD in MPK CA. Now is helping me to complete purchase deal of another house. She always on top of every thing while in escrow."

- Chi H.

I highly recommend Sharon

"Sharon just sold and purchased homes for my family. Before meeting Sharon, I talked to a few of my friends who have bought and sold homes, and their common concerns were their agent hardly did anything. When I interviewed agent for selling my house, Sharon demonstrate a very detail plan of selling and buying at the same time for my family. She made the complicated translation very seamless and smoothly. I highly recommend Sharon because she goes above and beyond. She really wants to understand what kind of home you are looking for, and puts you first. What I really liked is that she goes to bat for you and her work ethic clearly shows that by her actions. After working with her, I have refereed several my friends to her."

- Tony C.

Very patient and professional

"Sharon is very patient and professional. She helped us to get our home smoothly and walked us through every step. She did what is best for her customer and we are all very excited for our new home. I will recommend her to my friends and family for their new home search."

- Daniel Q.

Absolutely our local expert

"Sharon Liu is absolutely our local expert in Alhambra. When we were buying a house in Alhambra, we worked with another realtor in the regaining, but was not happy with the experience and result. After working with Sharon, we understand the market and property better. She was very patient with us, and listening to our needs and working hard on it. We found our ideal home within a month. She has a great post-sale service too and still working for us after escrow closed. I learned from my our experience that hiring a right realtor is very important. I will refer Sharon Liu to anyone we know who is going to buy or sell in Alhambra area."

- Satisfied Client

Very responsible and efficient

"We found Sharon through a friend referral. Sharon is very responsible and efficient. Then I referred her to a friend of mine as a listing agent, again, Sharon did a wonderful job selling my friend's house in a short period of time. We will definitely do business with Sharon in the future."

- Satisfied Client

She knows what sells

"Sharon was patient with me and gave me pointers to help sell the house. She knows what sells, and what does not. She and her office are to be commended!"

- JZ Thomas

Very knowledgeable and very hardworking

"I highly recommend Sharon! She's a rock star and she's being a top producer in the industry for a reason!!! She's very knowledgeable and very hardworking. She does all the things by herself, including meeting the client, hosting open houses, talking to potential buyers, etc. She's very experienced and provided me lots of good suggestions for my listing. Besides all the above, we had a smooth transaction due to her timely response to our questions and potential buyers' inquiries. I for sure will recommend Sharon to all my friends and if you don't really know a good agent, you should consider contact Sharon! She will provide great service for you!!"

- Satisfied Client

Very good professional real-state agent

"Sharon Liu is a very good professional real-state agent, she helped me purchased a new house with a great price and also help me to sold my previous house in a very short period."

- Kathryn C.


"We feel fortunate to have Sharon as our agent on the sale of our house in Monterey Park. The professionalism that Sharon demonstrated was top notch - from full disclosure of contract terms to preparation of our house for listing, professional marketing (even with photos taken with drone technology), and sound negotiation with the buyer's side. We couldn't be happier with the service and expertise we received from Sharon. Our listing price was somewhat aggressive, given the market condition. In spite of that, we were able to close the sale with 10% above our asking price. We believe that none of that would've been possible had we have gone with another agent."

- Satisfied Client

Diligent, intelligent, efficient, knowledgeable, responsive

"Sharon Liu is the most professional real estate agent I have ever encountered. She is diligent, intelligent, efficient, knowledgeable, responsive and very nice to deal with. I am extremely happy for what she has done for me, and will recommend her to anyone."

- Lei T.

Very good experience

"Sharon is a detail and organized agent. she guided us thoroughly in every single step, and answered each question we had promptly. We were out of state during the entire process of selling the house, and she made everything simple for us. We communicated seamlessly through text messages and emails, and at the end, she managed to sell the house much higher than what we expected. This is a very good experience of working together with Sharon, I really wish to sell another house through her, but unfortunately I just had one and sold already !"

- Jim B.

She has become a REMAX Hall of Fame agent

"I've never seen an agent come even close to her when talking about smart and diligent. She got a Ph.D title and used to be a doctor. You might think :"Wow! This is already good enough.", but guess what. She dicided to challenge herself even more, so just like we all can see here, she has become a REMAX Hall of Fame agent, who sells more than 50 houses a year with her professinal team. Even with such great acheivement, she dicided to push herself further. Except for the Christmas day, she rarely takes a day off even during the weekends and holidays throughout the whole year. She even picks up the phone during night unlike some other agents. Yeah. That's the attitude. That's why she can sell more than 50 houses a year while most of other agents cannot. You might think to yourself: "That would be super busy. Those are a lot to handle. Can she handle all of these?". Yeah, right, but she got some of her own assistants. I think one or two of her assistants even got their own real estate license. Besides this, she got a strategy to handle so many businesses and keep them all in perfect order. You might want to ask what the strategy is. Okay. Let her be your agent and then you will feel it. Besides the high IQ and good attitude, I think the most important thing is high EQ, which Sharon also has. Sharon is super good at communicating with people and has lots of people skills. Those skills help a lot when trying to get into a deal. Those skills also help a lot when communicating with sellers. Because, you know, a lot of sellers would have unrealistically high expectations of their house prices. When dealing with this situation, some agents will compromise to sellers' opnion. But this is a NO NO, because this would only let the property sit in the market for too long. Some other agents would argue with the sellers to try to make them to compromise, but sometimes the arguement could make both parties unhappy. Let us see how Sharon deal with it. When seller talked about the price, Sharon would listen quietly and wouldn't say no before seller finished. Even when the fact was she really disagreed the price, she wouldn't be in a hurry to say no, because no one like to hear "no" when talking. This would make people angry. So when the seller finished and after she made sure seller was in a good mood, she began to talk about her own professinal opinion with a lot report and proof as support. In this situation, seller was more likely to accept the reasonable price."

- B. Venussky

Responsive and always made time to answer my questions

"Sharon was very helpful in my property sale. She' knowledgeable about the local market and truly cares about delivering the best service and experience to her clients. She helped us from beginning to end to make sure that all the property fixes and staging work went through smoothly. She was also responsive and always made time to answer my questions with patience. I'd definitely recommend her as an agent!"

- Satisfied Client

Always mindful

"Sharon was always mindful about the interests of her clients. She provided detailed and professional advises, and followed through with possible issues diligently and promptly in each step of our condo purchase. She is the kind of agent you can put your complete trust on with your property search and transactions."

- Ying H.

Sharon Liu is a great agent

"I sold my townhouse with Sharon Liu which the other realtor didn’t sell. Sharon presented us very detail market analysis report and demonstrated the strategy for a successful selling. We followed her suggest and decorated house. He hired a professional photographer for a high-quality flyer and other marketing material. She did a great job for marketing and negotiation. We are very happy with her service and will refer her to our friends. She has very high standard and work closely with us. Sharon Liu is a great agent if you want to sell or buy in Arcadia."

- Yang

Best agent I have ever worked with

"Sharon Liu was the best agent I have ever worked with. I have been selling and buying properties before and I am pretty sure Sharon will be our family’s realtor forever. She is so knowledgeable of Arcadia area and always knows our needs. She was so patiently answered our questions, carefully went through all documents with us, and most importantly, did her best to protect our interest when we had some issues during transaction. She is a great listener and communicator. I have referred my friends to her already and will keep continually working with her in the future."

- Qing Chen Insurance

She works very hard

"She assisted us to arrange selling and buying at the same time. I know it's not a easy transaction, but she helped us to make it very smoothly. She works very hard for our interest and always provide her professional opinions. We will refer her to our friends and family for their coming real estate needs."

- Eric Y.

The agent that you could truly trust

"Sharon helped our family to purchase our dream house this year. Due to company relocations, we have sold and bought houses through other agents in NY and CA, no agent has ever come close as knowledgeable and responsive as she. Sharon has impressive and effective execution skills, that come from extensive trainings and years of experiences dealing with all kinds of situations and people. During the five months that we worked together to find and secure a purchase, she constantly communicated with us to find out our needs and concerns. One time we made an offer to a house and she worked hard for a week to persuade the seller to reduce the price to our budget, but in the end for various reasons we still decided to walk away. Sharon was very patient and understanding, and didn't slow down on showing us new houses. When we finally found the ideal house, she acted quickly and talked to the seller agent none stop to find out more on other offers and eventually worked out the agreeable number and got us into the escrow. Yet the works and difficulties had just started. We were in escrow for two months, during which there were constant upsets from loan agency, Sharon was resourceful and helped us with anything she could provide. She also examined the new houses several times with us, and chased after the seller agent to complete all the repairs. One day before the original escrow closing date, something terrible happened due to seller's mistake, making me super upset and stressed out. Sharon was the hero, being wise and calm as always, listened to my frustrations and negotiated with the seller side till midnight to find the perfect solution and complete the sale. I couldn't say enough thank-yours to her and her team. When you talk to Sharon, you can feel she is sincerely puts her clients' best interest in the first place. She is the agent that you could truly trust."

- Amy M.

Positive attitude and confidence

"Sharon is very professional and extremely knowledgable in dealing with this unique marketplace - homes/condos in Monterey Park CA. She handled multiple offers and persisted in finding the right sales offer for us. This was a difficult escrow, due to HOA issues. Sharon was able to resolve specific obstacles and worked toward satisfying both the seller and buyer. She communicated with us effectively and keep us in the loop throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Sharon to all our family and friends. She is amazing and a shining star in her profession. It was our pleasure to work with her. Especially loved her positive attitude and confidence."

- Christine C.

Professional, organized, and efficient

"I met with Sharon over an afternoon and was immediately impressed by her knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills. As soon as I decided to sign with her, she immediately got to work, arranging all necessary details to help sell our home. Sharon was professional, organized, and efficient. Ultimately she got the job done in a timely manner."

- Satisfied Client

Very good mediator between seller and buyer

"Sharon is very knowledgeable and a very good mediator between seller and buyer. She came with very thorough information about condos sold in the last several years."

- Berlin

She has an extensive network of contacts

"Sharon was the Agent who listed and sold our home in San Gabriel Area/Temple City. Before we put our house on the market she gave us suggestions on how to prepare the house to help it sell quicker and gave us a great analysis of the current market situation. She has an extensive network of contacts that helped us prepare our home for sale and to help find a buyer. She also has a great team that helped us when we had questions or we needed help during the process of selling our home. She has a lot of experience in our area, which is why we chose her to be our agent."

- Satisfied Client

Professional and helpful with her expertise

"Sharon is very professional and helpful with her expertise in selling a house. She does not push the owner to make a decision, but just gives the objective analysis of current market and sends you some useful advices. We sold our house at our expected price within 3 weeks, smoothly and comfortably. She is willing to answer all your questions at any time, even late at night. Overall, Sharon is a trustable and easy going person to get along with, at the same time she is a super expert as an real estate agent!"

- Fen F.

Sharon is our great resource

"Sharon is our great resources for our home purchased last year. She provided us professional advices to our decision making and justification. She safeguarded our best interests and represented to negotiate with seller agent She diligently followed up all steps of the purchased processing until we closed our escrow successfully. She gave us hope to get our new single family house with market price. I need to say thank you to her professionalism. I would give the highest rating even I am good to give as much as I could. I also hire her for my home sales too!!"

- Anthony W.

Found a buyer for us in no time at all

"They say selling a house is a stressful experience. Not if Sharon Liu is your realtor. she thoroughly explained the process to us giving us the best options and guiding us with her expertise. It was an excellent decision signing her up to represent us. She found a buyer for us in no time at all. If you are looking for a real estate agent, you will not make a mistake with Sharon. We surely will recommend her to family, friends and even to you."

- Satisfied Client

Sharon is an integral agent

"Sharon is an integral agent and is always willing to assist and advise us on every property. Sharon is very dedicated in promptly and effectively resolving issue and she is taking full responsibility and accountability for us."

- Sue A.

Generosity, understanding & kindness

"Dear Sharon Liu, May I start by thanking you for your wonderful attitude & business sense. Your knowledge, integrity & experience is a display of your fine work! Your character, solid values, honesty & dedication is expressed in your professionalism… Your generosity, understanding & kindness for all, is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for representing me, sharing your expertise & your heart. Sincerely with Thanks."

- Rosemary A.

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